Greenhorn Region 


Chartered in 2015 The Greenhorn Region is a non-geographic region of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA), its membership is comprised of you young adults (Driving aged to 50 years).  The Greenhorn Region is free from dues, and only requires you to pay your National Dues to maintain your region status.



It's purpose is for the casual sharing & communication among its membership. With a focus on developing new programs & activities to improve AACA's exposure - creating marketing logos that will compete with local non-vintage automobile clubs to increase young adult awareness. Encourage local AACA regions to try new techiques to promote the AACA Hoby ways With the intent of increasing awareness to the hobby and increase membership on a Local and National Level.

About Us

Our Mission

Educational Outreach

Community Partnerships

Building Partnerships with edcuational institutions and  museums to provide insight to automobile history.

Building Partnerships with Community businesses to hold events that pertain to the classic car collector hobby.


Creating new events that will attract & engage young adults to become involved in the collector car hobby.



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2016 Greenhorn Region Officers

Kyle Blake
Vice President

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Nichole Gambulos

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Matt Logan

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Leif Mangulson



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Andrew Manriquez

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About AACA



The Antique Automobile of America (AACA) is America's premiere resource for the collectible vehicle community since 1935. The club a 501(c)(3)  organization, through its National Office, Publications, and Membership - aids individuals in their dedication to the enjoyment and preservation of automotive history. With more than 400 local regions and chapters in the United States, there is definitely a chance of a local connection.





Membership Benefits include a bi-monthly publication ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE - the country's foremost antique auto publication. It features historical articles, technical articles, tour & meet accounts. Free Admission to the AACA Museum, and limited free Research hours in the AACA Library.



The AACA considers vehicles to be historic if they meet a 25 years of age or older, and are in the condition as to how they left the factory or dealership. The AACA offers a variety of Vehicle Classes to satisfy your automotive desires. Automobile enthusists have the opportunity to have their vehicles in Class Judging Competition for restored Antique Automobiles (Point Scoring system), a Historical Preservation of Original Features (Evaluated Class) for unrestored vehicles.



The most EXCITING & APPEALING class to Young Adults involved in the Classic Car Hobby is AACA's Driver Participation class. This is another evaluated class- that focuses on the owners Daily or Weekend Driver Classic Car .

















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Click on the images to go to the websites

To visit the National Website click the image above

X-Cup Promo

Alfred State University

Does your Accredited Educational Institution have an automotive program? If you said yes- did you know the AACA offers a $1,000 dollar grant to COMPETE in the Great Race X-CUP Division, as well as AACA X-Cup Scholarships for advanced automotive education? If you are in an area and don't know of any clubs, but would like to find out go to our contact page and send us an email.



What is the Great Race?


The Great Race is a cross-country rally that pits driver/navigator teams against the clock and against each other. Entrants participate in a timed, controlled speed, endurance competition over 9 days. Antique & Vintage Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles with body and drive train built in 1972 & earlier qualify. This well organized competition's primary concern is SAFETY. Requiring competitors to drive at least 5 mph below the speed limit - Speeding or Aggressive driving are sure ways to lose the competition. 



What is the X Cup?


The X-Cup is a division designed for student teams to COMPETE against other X-Cup Teams. Drivers must be at least 22 at the start, navigators must be 21 or younger at the start.



For more info on the Great Race X-Cup - Click on the X-Cup logo at the top of the page to go to their website.



If you would like to donate, please mail your (501) (C3) donation to:

AACA X-Cup Scholarship Fund

AACA National Headquarters

501 W. Governors Road

PO Box 417

Hershey, PA 17033





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Alfred State University Finishes Third in 2016 Great Race

July 08, 2016

The Greenhorn Region would like to Congratulate the Alfred State Chapter of the Chemung Valley Region on a Third Place finish in the 2016 Great Race X-Cup Division with their 1953 Dodge Power Wagon.

Velocity Channel's "The Appraisers" gets picked up for a second season

February 22, 2016

AACA National Vice President Tom Cox, AACA Librarian Chris Ritter, and Ben Nef will be back on TV in April for the 2nd Season of "The Appraisers"!!



AACA Military Sponsorship Program invites retired Military members to become National AACA Members

February 16, 2016

Throughout your military career, you have undoubtedly been tested and proven numerous times, yet you remained devoted and committed to your passionate service to our country. AACA understands passion; we are passionate about vehicles. And, like the military, AACA has stood the test of time.


To honor your military career, AACA is extending a limited number of complimentary one-year memberships for first-time applicants. Go to our Contact Section and download the PDF Application


Norm Hutton Racing Competes in ARCA's Lucas Oil 200

February 15, 2016

Norm Hutton - Greenhorn Region Member, AACA National Director, & Owner of the #3 Norm Hutton Racing Ford Fusion. Norm Hutton's Driver Steve Fox successfully finished 20th in the Lucas Oil 200 ARCA Race held this past weekend at Daytona International Speedway.

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A Look Inside What We Do...

Alfred State University Chapter

Alfred State University (Chemung Valley Chapter) Students with their 1953 Dodge Power Wagon - Great Race 2015

Latimore Valley

Greenhorn Region Members Norm Hutton (center), Shellie Stewart (bottom left), Tom Winegar (top right) & Leif Mangulson (bottom right) at Latimore Valley Fairgrounds for EMMR.

Philadelphia 2015

Vice President Kyle Blake with his 1969 Cadillac in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia 2016

GHR Member Kyle Blake & Leif Mangulson holding their annual seminar on Social Media Marketing Benefits for the AACA.


Contact Us

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Region Application

E- mail application to :


Matt Logan

(Membership Chair)

Military Sponsorship

Mail Application to :


AACA National Headquarters

501 W. Governor Rd.

Hershey, PA 17033